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Warm-up Routine


1.  I want upper classmen (eventually) taking leadership

2.  Your routine begins at home.

           Make sure your uniform is packed

           Make sure your spikes are packed

           Make sure you eat properly for race time

3.  I want all ‘basics’ finished one hour before race time


                      -Spikes Ready

                      -Uniform Ready

                      -Race Number On Jersey

                      -Watches/Jewelry Off

4.  The goal is to begin 4-5 ‘WIN’ sprints within 10 minutes of the start of the race.

5.  1-2 miles of running needs to be complete 20 minutes before the start of the race.  **Too soon is NOT good**  This should allow enough time to change into your race jersey, change into your spikes, hurry-up potty stop, etc.

6.  Stretching needs to occur constantly from the completion of the warm-up until the start of the race.  Normal routine.  Don’t introduce anything new just because you see another team doing something different.  Try new things out at your next practice but not at the race.