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Commitment To Practices


The policy is: Please keep practice time in mind as things come up that need to be scheduled.  Anything that comes up that is an excused absence from school, also qualifies as an excused absence from practice.  Just as with school, practice needs to be made up as well.  Everyone has my cell, if something is coming up that is planned, I have a right to know in advance so I do not hold up practice waiting for someone that isn’t going to show up. 


As a coach, it is frustrating if kids schedule something during practice time that could have been scheduled at a time that doesn’t conflict with either school or practice.  An example in my first year was a kid who no-call no-showed for practice one day.  The next day when challenged as to his whereabouts, he laughed off his absence and showed me his tattoo that he got after school.  He wasn’t too pleased with my lack of understanding as you would probably agree.  A student-athlete that holds a job is another area that becomes challenging as a coach.  It is important for me to set boundaries and to adhere to them – and I think the student-athlete should learn that quality as well.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.  There are case by case exceptions, I am sure.  One life-lesson of being a student-athlete is honoring your commitment.  One of your commitments is to attend practice.  If you can not make your commitment, you have an obligation to communicate beforehand whenever possible.




Coach Hickey